XOS Operator Station

Extremely user-friendly operator station offers endless flexibility in integration and automated functionality

Let’s all your drilling and workover equipment being controlled from one location

Based on experience from 100’s of similar system delivered to high-end offshore drilling rigs


Our XOS Operator Station is the perfect operator interface from workover to dual activity drilling units.
Take advantage of the highly graphical user interface, where information from the equipment, the well, and the support organization is nicely composed, is very intuitive to use, and includes incredible new functions used to guide the operator down the well and back home in a safe and efficient manner.

  • The entire rig is operated from the XOS Operator Station.
  • Manual control and monitoring of the rig using two joysticks.
  • Programmed with multiple automated modes simplifies drilling and tripping operation.
  • Interlocks and warnings reduce the risk of operator errors, potentially damaging equipment and the well.
  • Full trend system.
  • Monitor, alarm, control, configure, troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance data continuously collected.
  • Optional downhole integration which may control surface equipment based on downhole conditions.
  • Optional interface with well control equipment, fluid systems etc.
  • Optionally integrated with the IDEX system.

ASX Drilling Automation

Control systems for third party rig and workover equipment

One central control system package if combined with our coil and wireline equipment

Based on experience from 100’s of similar system delivered to high-end offshore drilling rigs


Our ASX Drilling Automation control systems are used by world-class drilling units to control a variety of drilling equipment, including hoisting, rotating, pumping and pipehandling machinery. Our control systems fit newbuilds as well as existing rigs wanting to go the automation route.

Our ASX Equipment Automation products have the potential not only to add automation, safety and efficiency to your operations, but also competitiveness to your rig. The ASX system from Stimline provides you with the following features:

  • Monitoring and control of all relevant signals
  • Seamless integration with XOS operator stations
  • Built from highest-quality automation components ensuring maximum uptime and reliability
  • Maintains a high level of safety for all operations
  • Enables implementation of automated well operations
  • Enables supervisor set interlocks for safer operation
  • ASX simplifies the unit compared with traditional direct hydraulic controls (less hoses and hydraulics)