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Transform your well operations

Align well engineers in the office with operations teams at the wellsite by creating
a digital plan,  collaboratively.
Use the same plan to execute the job to increase
your chance of success and reduce the risk of non-productive time.


Get on the same page. Create One Digital Well.


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Integrated end-to-end solutions

Improve planning and operational efficiency

Are you looking at digital solutions across the industry and wondering how you can benefit from new technologies to improve the quality of the plans you make for well operations? Are you challenged by spending days searching for data, editing old documents and pasting in new content to prepare for business reviews? We specialize in creating new workflows where your whole team collaborates on a single digital platform throughout the life-cycle of a well - One Digital Well


Learn how to digitialise and automate processes


Move your drilling, completion, intervention and P&A operations into the digital future

When digitalizing your planning and operation processes, you cannot just digitalize the existing workflows. You have to transform people's way of working and develop a fully collaborative cloud-based workspace where everyone is part of the same plan, at all times.

The IDEX Collaboration Platform

A fully integrated, cloud-based environment for the whole team

With automated tools to improve the entire process, the IDEX Collaboration Platform allows you to create an end-to-end plan for all jobs, that is updated and improved right through to the end of that job.

Giving the requisition, planning and operations teams access to the live plan at all times has shown significant improvements for our customers and with real-time oversight for critical decisions during the job, you are put back in control of your key assets. 

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Digitalize existing workflows

Improve planning and operations for all your well construction and maintenance jobs.

Three apps on the IDEX Collaboration Platform designed to dramatically improve all jobs

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This is where it all started - learn about our integrated IDEX apps for pre-job modelling, real-time data streaming during the job and post-job analytics

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In addition, Aker BP’s Onshore Collaboration Centers (OCCs) play an integral role in the Alliance’s ability to leverage digitalization, Fig. 1. The OCCs utilize the cloud-based Stimline IDEX suite of solutions for planning and execution, providing access to live and fully liberated data from all operations to improve transparency and operational follow-up amongst the Alliance partners.
Stian Jøgensen, Rob Stolpman and Richard Lochee-Bayne
Aker BP
Shell is pursuing digital solutions for the wells organisation and recognises that the team at Stimline is well set-up to provide agile development of the IDEX platform to work within the wider Shell digital environment. We’ve been particularly impressed with the engagement level from the Stimline team. This team understands what it takes to deliver in a timely manner and we look forward to working with them.
Doug Zimpfer
Shell Digi Operations Lead for Wells
Our Digital Strategy is critical to improved efficiency in the Intervention & Stimulation Alliance. Accurate planning, collaborative operations and full transparency in decision making are all expected within the Alliance. Having access to all of the latest data, information and analyses at all times, from wherever you are, is required to make this a reality. IDEX has already shown us how we can benefit from a truly collaborative platform. 
Stian Jørgensen
VP D&W – Operations Intervention Alliance, Aker BP

Looking for highly automated, digitally integrated and remotely operated wireline or coiled tubing equipment?

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