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How can we add value?

For coiled tubing and wireline completions and intervention jobs, having confidence that you can run every job efficiently and safely is critical to success. Having worked with the majority of large and small service companies in the North Sea and North America, we understand your daily challenges.

Key challenges

You want efficient planning, streamlined operations and post-job analysis to improve future jobs

We understand the challenges Operations Managers have when it comes to  running and maintaining a fleet effectively. Any unplanned events increase costs and drive down efficiency.  You need an intuitive and integrated suite of software to ensure smooth operations.

Mitigating risks

Understanding the risks associated with each job is key to successful completion of the job every time. Integrated modelling tools allow engineers to evaluate all possible solutions and create a plan to mitigate those risks.

Job visibility

Sharing information from the job with all parties in real-time makes for better decisions, especially when a problematic situation arises. Then the key is that everyone is looking at the very latest data.

Continuous improvement

With integrated tools to analyze all job parameters and compare different operations, lesson can be learned and implemented to make sure that all future operations are as efficient as possible.

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We have used the IDEX platform on all of our completion projects delivered by STEP since 2018. The software effectively facilitates a collaborative environment between our companies and delivers real-time oversight during operations. We have realized numerous benefits to our operational processes and have optimized the efficiency of our projects to successfully millout all wells to TD. This translates into times savings and contributes to our company's financial discipline with respect to our capex programs.
Kevin Matiasz
P.Eng. Senior Completions Engineering Superintendent, Birchliff Energy
With the seamless transition to IDEX, we have optimized our operational efficiencies while enhancing our coiled tubing string management and job monitoring system.
Jason Skufca
Engineering Manager, Coiled Tubing, Nine Energy
The transition to IDEX in our operations was simple, and I'm glad we've made the switch - the software is very intuitive, customizable, easy to use and has great displays of all key data to ensure that our jobs run smoothly. It is great to work with a company who request feedback and ideas and act on them quickly! Lastly, the capabilities of this software are incredible and I look forward to our expanded use of this system to truly see its ultimate potential throughout our company.
Jared Stennes
Site Manager, Step Energy Services
With IDEX Designer our job planning has been drastically improved. We can now create models much faster so we can support all of our North Sea wireline operations more effectively than before.
Olav Edland
Operation Manager,Archer - The Well Company
The initial application, IDEX Designer, had great features and was certainly easy to use. Throughout the initial launch phase, we collaborated with Stimline to test that the hydraulic and force models generated by Designer were verified by field-data so that our clients were confident in the technology. Having the ability to use the same platform, for various functions during a project with all our information in one place, reduces the risk of errors associated with duplicating data. The integration of IDEX into our programming certainly makes our lives a lot easier.
Ben Layton
Technical Manager Coiled Tubing Services, Step Energy Services 
IDEX has matured into a great product for us to use in the office, for the guys on the rig, and for our clients to be able to get pre-job modelling and real-time updates on their jobs. The development team responds quickly to improvement requests to make the software even better
Jeff Seal
Engineering Manager at Eastern Energy Services
In a nutshell, working with IDEX has been a game-changer for our team. It's not just a software; it's a solution that has streamlined our processes, improved our decision-making, and set us on a path toward even greater efficiency. We're thrilled to be part of this journey and can't wait to see where it takes us..
Charlie Schmidt
Manager - MPMS

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