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Transform Well Intervention, Completion and Drilling Operations with Innovative Software and Products.

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Stimline's vision is to transform well Completion and Intervention operations with innovative Software and Products.
By creating an integrated platform for digital planning, execution and analytics we will drive Drilling & Well operations towards a digital and automated future.
We will make innovative intervention and completions products that are automated by integrated digital workflows.  


Stimline, as we know it today, took its form in 2011, headed by Erik Zachariasen and Tom Fedog.

As experienced energy sector and software professionals, they were determined to create value for Energy Companies and Service Companies who were searching to improve their Completion and Intervention Operations.

The simple idea behind Stimline was to exploit knowledge and experience from digitalization of Drilling operations and apply it to Completion and Intervention operations

The result is the IDEX™ software and a range of products for Completion and Intervention Operations, which cover everything from job planning to autonomous operation.

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The basic ingredients in these important first years? Cloud based smart applications, and then machine learning.

After a few years, the Software and Product development really got traction and has now expanded to include Drilling as well.

2015    First fully automated Wireline system
2017    First fully automated Coiled Tubing system 
2018    Injector Heads sold to Canadian market
2018    IDEX for Oil Service Companies released as commercial product
2019    IDEX for Energy Companies released
2020    AkerBP Well Intervention Alliance enters into key contract for IDEX Collaboration Platform
2021    Shell comes on-board focused on Planner for Drilling on IDEX Collaboration Platform
2022    Shell expands scope to include all business - Drilling, Completion, Intervention and P&A
2022    Equinor adopts IDEX Collaboration Platform for Well Intervention
2023    Shell adds Rig-site execution commercialised as Performer on the  IDEX Collaboration Platform

Today, the most important asset for Stimline is the team of dedicated software and control system engineers, with their extensive domain knowledge. Looking forward, the company's ultimate drive is to close the loop between smart applications and automation of processes and equipment.

After all, seen from a customer's perspective - what's so special about Stimline? Well, that is the integrated suite of software and products,  developed by the passionate people of Stimline and their 'no nonsense' company culture.

Why we exist

In Stimline, we take pride in achieving what usually regarded as impossible. We want to turn the needle a little, every day, on our quest to transform the energy industry by exploiting the unlimited opportunities offered by the digital revolution.


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We are dedicated towards a more sustainable future. Sustainability is a core part our business model. How we work and what we produce contribute to sustainable development.

Stimline analyse and manage our operations to minimise negative impact on the environment.

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