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Create a digital, end-to-end workflow for all your Drilling, Completion and Intervention jobs.

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Save Time, Improve Quality and Increase Safety

To ensure the maximum return for all of your operations, Stimline believes that a more collaborative software solution will allow the whole team to contribute to successful outcomes. That’s why we created the IDEX Collaboration Platform.

With automated tools to improve the entire process, the IDEX Collaboration Platform allows you to creates an end-to-end plan for all jobs that is updated and improved right through to the end of that job. Giving the requisition, planning and operations teams access to the live plan at all times has shown significant improvements for our customers and with real-time oversight for critical decisions during the job, you are put back in control of your key assets. 



The IDEX Collaboration Platform will allow you to;

  • Create more realistic plans and track progress against the plan
  • Work in a solution where all of the team contribute to the same plan
  • Integrate best practices and lessons learned
  • Connect executional progress to the digital plan and automate  reports
  • Analyse the cause of NPT events and track performance of your standard practices to drive increase efficiency
  • Communicate your plans to Automation conveyance engines
  • Revolutionise your Risk management approach





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Unite Your Teams On The IDEX Collaboration Platform


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Automated Planning on the IDEX Collaboration Platform

Designed with direct input from Energy Companies to reduce planning time and improve quality, IDEX Planner uses standard templates and references standard operating procedures to make sure you create the best plan every time.

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Planner ensures all plans are consistent and use the latest information available

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Planner creates a record of your planning process

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Planner creates a digital workplace for all job plans with collaboration onshore and offshore

Templates: All plans are created using the latest corporately approved template and by accessing approved procedures for operational tasks from your custom library.


Team Actions: As a key member of the team, you will be notified about all of the actions that you are required to attend to, in order that the plan may progress.


Integration: To make a planning tool like this really sing, it is important that you don’t have a manually duplicate data that is already stored in the corporate datastores. IDEX is always integrated with these key repositories so that your plan is automatically populated with all key data.

Workflow: You will be guided through actions that need to be completed before approval is sought for any plan. These are role based dependent on the team setup.


Approvals: Once all of the teams actions are completed, approvals are requested from the appropriate level from within the Planner app and can be granted there too.


Collaboration: All members of the team work together on the same live plan at all times. This can include your service company partners to ensure that a complete set of instructions is being created for the operations team offshore

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Model all jobs to select the best solution for each task

Powered By BTechSoft

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Fully integrated hydraulics and forces simulators for quick “what-if” analyses

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Great visualization of the wellbore to highlight potential problems areas for your planned job

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Comprehensive BHA database and Coiled Tubing Fatigue model to enable accurate modelling of your string

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Features of IDEX Designer

Powered by the very latest engineering models from BTechSoft

  • Integrated simulators for hydraulics and tubing force analysis or wireline force analysis  
  • Evaluate a well intervention plan to;  
    • Determine maximum reach for a given string and evaluate potential operational issues
    • Compare different designs to understand the best option for complex jobs and wells
    • Estimate the maximum set down weight and overpull whilst running-in-hole (RIH) or pulling-out-of-hole (POOH)
    • Determine minimum tractor pull or agitator requirements to reach depth
  • Designer is built to ensure that time is spent evaluating the options and risks for a job, not building the models, so it is quick and intuitive to use.

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Access all your jobs in real-time

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Operational dashboards that allow you to manage all phases of the job whatever the data acquisition system

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Real-time access to all current jobs for guidance from the office and access for your clients

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Historical database for all jobs to allow operational reviews to focus on improving efficiency

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Features of IDEX XPLORER

  • Your real-time window into all operations and the repository of all historical field data. 
  • Clear, configurable dashboards for you to; 
    • Manage safe and efficient operations
    • Stay within operating limits of the equipment
    • Collaborate with the engineering team over operational decisions
    • Review job progress with oil company clients
    • Calibrate pre-job models based on actual job data
  • IDEX Xplorer includes an integrated Treatment Report to ensure all actions are captured accurately
  • Learn from previous jobs and apply lessons learnt in future operations by enabling you to review previous jobs and improve operating practices 

Your future effectiveness will be driven by the data you have from previous jobs. So why wouldn’t you want it all available from the cloud, wherever you are whenever you need it?

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Analyse your data to extract the information to drive improvement

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Automatically report KPIs at the end of every job

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Find trends and anomalies in your data to allow you to improve operating practices

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Monitor the performance of individual crews or service companies to target training and increase efficiency

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Features of IDEX Analytics

The IDEX Analytics package lets you track jobs and look for ways to improve efficiency without lots of data manipulation
  • Detailed job analysis within the IDEX suite - no data manipulation required
  • Full tracking of Company KPI's
  • Flexible reporting 

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The IDEX Collaboration Platform is available as an annual lease on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. That means you get all upgrades and support included in a known fee enabling you to manage your OPEX. The actual annual cost will depend on the number of users, number of operations, as well as the functionality included.

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IDEX can provide you and your team with a fully integrated suite for all aspects of the job.

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IDEX Advisor will provide a “Sat Nav” system for well intervention operations.

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